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"50/50" Film Review

Yesterday I finally got to see "50/50" and it's such a GREAT film!!! :D  Joseph Gordon-Levitt was amazing and I totally can see why he has all this Oscar buzz!!!  :D  It was very moving and hilarious!!! :D  I really like how Will Reaser wrote this based off his actual experience he went through.  Seth Rogan was great as Joe's best friend (and also helped make the movie as he is Will's best friend and it's a version of himself), Anna Kendrick was great too as Joe's therapist and love interest (they were SO cute), and Angelica Houston was too as Joe's mom!!! :D  It's just a very great movie and about time there was a film like this for those of us in our 20s who think we won't get cancer.

Plus, I saw this with Whit whitkj22 who I've known for 6 years from Lost-Forum as we were both Jaters, Matthew Fox fans, and LOST fans!!! :D  Then over the years we had even more in common and became friends, and have both lived in Ohio our whole lives.  We had been trying for years to finally meet up and we got to!!! :D  So that was so awesome finally getting to see her after all these years!!!  :D

And on a related LOST note for the movie, "50/50"s score was done by Michael Giacchino who did LOST's amazing score!!!  :D  Knowing that you can tell during some of the moving moments!!!  <3

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