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"Thor" Film Review

I finally got to watch "Thor" and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D  Probably my fav of the Marvel films so far with maybe the 1st Spiderman 2nd. ;)  I'm more of a DC Comic girl (Batman) anyway, but I just really enjoyed it!!! :D  It was funny at times, had awesome CGI effects, and great actors!!! :D  

I also really liked the character Loki even though he technically is a villain and will be in the next films.  LOL ;)  I tend to like characters like that and he reminded me of the character Cam in the "Fallen" series by Lauren Kate.   Which actually Thor could be Daniel, Jane be Luce, and other characters matching up as well since "Fallen' is about fallen angels and this about gods in the universe.  ;)  

And it's funny too about the actor who plays Loki Tom Hiddleston and how other Tim Lincecum fans thought they looked alike.  I already was one of them once I saw promo pics come out last Spring and other Timmy & SF Giants fans started posting pics comparing Tom and Timmy!!! LOL  ;)  Now watching it I can seriously see it and that battle scene where Thor, Loki, and others fought the Frost Giants (LOL at that connection)  and Loki throwing a sphere like object, it looked like Timmy pitching. LOL  ;)  Just odd and I think it's the dark hair, green eyes, and paleness but there is a resemblance. LOL  ;)

And as a side note, Thor was always one of my Dad's favorite comic book characters as a kid along with Batman, Iron Man, and Captain America.  :)

I can't wait for the "Avengers" film and "Thor 2"!!!!! :D   Just hope Natalie Portman is able to come back as Jane.  :)

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