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I finished reading Emily Giffin's "Love the One Your With" just a bit ago and I LOVED it!!!!! :D It's another one of my favorites of her's and I think my 2nd favorite behind "Something Borrowed"!!! :D This book reminded me SO much of a modern day "Wuthering Heights" or "The Great Gatsby" and I just loved Ellen, Leo, and Andy!!! :D It was so hard to want Ellen with Leo but also see that she has such a great marriage with Andy. It all just comes down to timing and that someone can really love two people and have to make such a heart-breaking choice. Emily wrote this just fantastically and I loved her shoutout again to "Something Borrowed" using 2 of my favorite supporting characters Julian and Hillary again!!! :D

It also seemed funny to me that this book shares the same name of one of my favorite 70s song "Love the One Your With" by Stephen Stills and it fits!!! :D Also, too that the popular Adele song right now "Someone Like You" fits with this as well!!! :D

I really hope one day this becomes a film. I know it would just be such a great movie. ;) I would love to see it and I already have a few actors in mind to play Ellen, Leo, and Andy!!! :D  For Ellen someone like Charlotte Riley or Anne Hathaway, Leo totally Tom Hardy, and Andy someone boyish but cute similar to baseball player Buster Posey who like Andy is from Georgia!!!  ;)  I almost feel like Emily wrote Leo based off of Tom. LOL  :D  

There hasn't been a book yet that I haven't loved of Emily's!!! :D

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