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Just finished reading Maggie Stiefvater's "The Scorpio Races" and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! :D I've never really read a horse book before and that was totally fine as this book was fantastic!!! :D I've always loved Maggie's books and her "Shiver" series is one of my all-time favorites, and now this book is on that list as well!!! :D I love this whole story and what Maggie did with the Irish water horse mythology and created this fictional Irish island and their race!!! :D I loved Sean and Kate (I just can't call her Puck LOL) and their romance was amazing!!! :D Not to mention the horses Coor and Dove!!! :D The supporting characters of Finn, Gabe, Dory Maude and her sisters, George Holly, Tommy Faulk, Father Mooneyham, and all of island residents good or bad were so well written. Maggie is one of my favorite writers and this book proved it!!! :D It was so action packed, scary at times, moving, and romantic!!! :D Being part Irish myself I also loved it for that reason. ;) I'm also very happy Warner Brothers bought the film rights as when I started reading this I strongly felt this is going to be a movie!!! :D And I can't wait for it!!! :D

"Once Upon a Time" Pilot Review

Last night was the premiere of "Once Upon a Time" from former LOST writers Eddie & Adam and I LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D  It's just so unique with the fairy tale characters trapped in our world!!! :D  And the flashbacks to the fairy tale world!!! :D  I just love the whole story and figuring out who's who and how Emma (Jennifer Morrison) will end up being "the one" to save them all!!! :D  And I love Snow White & Prince Charming, as I did watching the cartoon as a child!!! <3

And all the LOST references were amazing!!!  :D

It really does remind me of LOST, Buffy, all the Disney movies, and fairy tales I read as a kid!!! :D  I will totally be watching the rest of the season!!! :D  

Plus, a lot of the actors I recgonzied like Jennifer from "How I Met Your Mother" & "House", Ginnifer Goodwin from all the movies I've seen her in, Josh Dallas from "Thor", the little boy as Bobby Drapper from "Mad Men", and I can't wait to see who else pops up on the show!!! :D

Speaking of that Disney owns the rights to SO many fairy tales, movies, and mythologies, so it'll be awesome to see who Eddie and Adam bring on as the show continues!!! :D
I decided to read "Tinker, Tailor, Solder, Spy" after being a fan of Tom Hardy's and seeing that this was going to be his next film. The trailer looked really good and so I read the book. I really enjoyed this and there were a lot of twists and turns, especially at the end that I didn't see coming!!! :D The characters are really well written and I always have liked some spy/crime novels. It's a great book and I can't wait to see the movie later this year!!! :D Besides Tom as Ricki, it has Gary Oldman as George Smiley, Colin Firth as Bill, Mark Strong as Jim, Benedict Cumberbatch as Peter, John Hurt as Control, and so many other talented British actors!!! :D

"50/50" Film Review

Yesterday I finally got to see "50/50" and it's such a GREAT film!!! :D  Joseph Gordon-Levitt was amazing and I totally can see why he has all this Oscar buzz!!!  :D  It was very moving and hilarious!!! :D  I really like how Will Reaser wrote this based off his actual experience he went through.  Seth Rogan was great as Joe's best friend (and also helped make the movie as he is Will's best friend and it's a version of himself), Anna Kendrick was great too as Joe's therapist and love interest (they were SO cute), and Angelica Houston was too as Joe's mom!!! :D  It's just a very great movie and about time there was a film like this for those of us in our 20s who think we won't get cancer.

Plus, I saw this with Whit whitkj22 who I've known for 6 years from Lost-Forum as we were both Jaters, Matthew Fox fans, and LOST fans!!! :D  Then over the years we had even more in common and became friends, and have both lived in Ohio our whole lives.  We had been trying for years to finally meet up and we got to!!! :D  So that was so awesome finally getting to see her after all these years!!!  :D

And on a related LOST note for the movie, "50/50"s score was done by Michael Giacchino who did LOST's amazing score!!!  :D  Knowing that you can tell during some of the moving moments!!!  <3

"It's Kind of a Funny Story" Film Review

I finally got to watch "It's Kind of a Funny Story" and I really liked it!!! :D  It's a very funny, sweet, and moving dramedy about a teenage boy committing himself to a psych ward because he's struggling with depression, but his stay with the other patients helps change his life for the better. :)  It's based off a book of the same name, and I really liked how it focused on treating others with mental illnesses the way they should be so they can recover.  Plus, it was really funny and well made and acted!!! :D  A lot of famous actors are in this like Zack Galifianakis, Emma Roberts, Viola Davis, Jeremy Davies from LOST, and Lauren Graham from "Parenthood".  ;)  I really liked Craig, Noel, his family, Bobby, his friends, his doctor, and all the other patients.  :)  I also like how Craig narrates at times and we get to see what he's thinking in his head too.  ;)  Just a really cool and unique film and now one of my favs!!! :D  Another reason why I love indie films. ;)  
This book is a must get for any George Harrison and/or Beatles fans!!! :D This book is a tie-in for the Martin Scorsese film with the same name and it's just fantastic!!! :D They pictures Olivia used and all the quotes from all of George's family, friends, and George himself are just so great!!! :D George has always been my favorite Beatle since I was 2-years-old in the late 80s, and I still feel like I keep learning more about him. He was so layered and the book shows all the different sides to him. He really wasn't "the quiet Beatle" everyone thought he was and so much more. ;) This also will help me in the wait to finally get to watch Scorsese's film. LOL :)

"Thor" Film Review

I finally got to watch "Thor" and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D  Probably my fav of the Marvel films so far with maybe the 1st Spiderman 2nd. ;)  I'm more of a DC Comic girl (Batman) anyway, but I just really enjoyed it!!! :D  It was funny at times, had awesome CGI effects, and great actors!!! :D  

I also really liked the character Loki even though he technically is a villain and will be in the next films.  LOL ;)  I tend to like characters like that and he reminded me of the character Cam in the "Fallen" series by Lauren Kate.   Which actually Thor could be Daniel, Jane be Luce, and other characters matching up as well since "Fallen' is about fallen angels and this about gods in the universe.  ;)  

And it's funny too about the actor who plays Loki Tom Hiddleston and how other Tim Lincecum fans thought they looked alike.  I already was one of them once I saw promo pics come out last Spring and other Timmy & SF Giants fans started posting pics comparing Tom and Timmy!!! LOL  ;)  Now watching it I can seriously see it and that battle scene where Thor, Loki, and others fought the Frost Giants (LOL at that connection)  and Loki throwing a sphere like object, it looked like Timmy pitching. LOL  ;)  Just odd and I think it's the dark hair, green eyes, and paleness but there is a resemblance. LOL  ;)

And as a side note, Thor was always one of my Dad's favorite comic book characters as a kid along with Batman, Iron Man, and Captain America.  :)

I can't wait for the "Avengers" film and "Thor 2"!!!!! :D   Just hope Natalie Portman is able to come back as Jane.  :)

"Person of Interest" Pilot Review

I finally got to see the pilot ep of "Person of Interest" earlier this afternoon and it was GREAT!!!!! :D  It reminds me so much of Batman, LOST, "Inception", and a cop show all mixed together. LOL ;)  Seeing that it's made by Jonathan Nolan (Christopher's brother) and JJ Abrams that makes sense. ;)  LOL  Michael Emerson is GREAT as another role made for him!!! :D  His character still reminds me of Ben but actually doing good.  ;)  LOL  And Jim Cavizel is great as a Batman like vigilante hired by Michael's character to help prevent a crime from happening.  And at one point I totally saw his character as Eames (Tom Hardy) from "Inception" as he was getting information on their person.  ;)  LOL  I totally will be watching this the rest of the season!!! :D

"A Gifted Man" Pilot Review

I watched one of my fav actors Patrick Wilson's first TV series last night "A Gifted Man" and it was GREAT!!!!! :D  Such a great show and really cool concept about Michael's ex-wife Anna visiting him as a ghost/spirit and helping him finish her work as a doctor for a free clinic and changing to become a better person!!!  :D  Patrick was just fantastic as Michael as he always is in his films, Jennifer Ehle (Cynthia Lennon in The Beatles biopic "Backbeat") was great too as Anna, and I love seeing Julie Benz as Michael's sister and Margo Martindale (from "Justified" and just won the Emmy for Supporting actress) as his secretary!!!  :D  I really like how it's going to explore the issues of science vs. faith, and the bond Michael and Anna shared and how Michael regrets ever divorcing Anna.  I will totally be watching the rest of the season!!! :D  And I love seeing Patrick every week!!!  :D
I finished reading Emily Giffin's "Love the One Your With" just a bit ago and I LOVED it!!!!! :D It's another one of my favorites of her's and I think my 2nd favorite behind "Something Borrowed"!!! :D This book reminded me SO much of a modern day "Wuthering Heights" or "The Great Gatsby" and I just loved Ellen, Leo, and Andy!!! :D It was so hard to want Ellen with Leo but also see that she has such a great marriage with Andy. It all just comes down to timing and that someone can really love two people and have to make such a heart-breaking choice. Emily wrote this just fantastically and I loved her shoutout again to "Something Borrowed" using 2 of my favorite supporting characters Julian and Hillary again!!! :D

It also seemed funny to me that this book shares the same name of one of my favorite 70s song "Love the One Your With" by Stephen Stills and it fits!!! :D Also, too that the popular Adele song right now "Someone Like You" fits with this as well!!! :D

I really hope one day this becomes a film. I know it would just be such a great movie. ;) I would love to see it and I already have a few actors in mind to play Ellen, Leo, and Andy!!! :D  For Ellen someone like Charlotte Riley or Anne Hathaway, Leo totally Tom Hardy, and Andy someone boyish but cute similar to baseball player Buster Posey who like Andy is from Georgia!!!  ;)  I almost feel like Emily wrote Leo based off of Tom. LOL  :D  

There hasn't been a book yet that I haven't loved of Emily's!!! :D

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